Auburn University

Anticipated graduation: May 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Minor in Marketing

Course Work

Style & Design

This course teaches the basics of HTML5 coding, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. The final project for this class was my digital portfolio and resume.

Writing for PR

This course teaches the necessary writing skills as PR practitioners. I learned how to write the different elements of a media kit and worked on a campaign with AT&T as our client.

Survey & Research Methods

This course teaches how to draft a survey, collect responses and analyze the results using Qualtrics. My group’s client was the Auburn University Medical Clinic.

Case Study

This course focused on past and current issues in different public relations cases. I analyzed cases for the level of ethics and effectiveness. I wrote a research analysis paper on Taco Bell as my final project.

Personal Selling

This course teaches how to apply the concepts of personal selling to build product awareness, create interest, stimulate demand and reinforce the brand.


This course is an introductory course where I learned the basic understanding of marketing concepts and practices.

Retail Management

This course teaches principles of retail operation such as facility location, layout, purchasing, pricing and merchandise control. I learned how to calculate a three-month budget, income statements and other useful formulas.


This course teaches various concepts of management including management controls, operations management, human resource management and concepts related to “people management."